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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I rent beach gear from you?

Simple! Send us an email requesting what you'd like to rent and your start/return dates and we'll get back to you on availability and price. If you would like to proceed with the booking, we'll ask for a credit card security deposit to secure your rental.  Minimum charges apply for delivery or free if $150 rental fee is met.

Q: What happens if I damage or lose the item?

We understand that problems arise. If the item is lost you will be responsible for the full replacement value of the goods and it will be taken out of your security deposit. If it's damaged, the item will have to be assessed once it's returned at the end of your rental period.

Q: What's the deposit for the boat and what if I damage it?

The renter is responsible for all damages that occur to the boat. The security deposit for the boat is $1500 via credit card and may be held up to 5 days after the end of your rental period. If there is damage upon the return of the boat, a repair estimate will be assessed and will be taken out of the security deposit. A walk through of the boat with the renter will be performed before and after each rental.  All renters must read and sign a rental contract before any reservation is made.

Q: Where can I take the boat and can I keep it overnight?

You will be limited to certain areas around Great Exuma. Boundaries are from Hooper's Bay to the north and The Lazy River to the south. The boat is not allowed offshore at anytime or on the opposite side of the island during your rental. You are allowed to keep the boat overnight at your rental house providing it has a suitable dock. You will be required to disclose the name and location of the house you are staying at.

Q: What if I forget to fill the boat up with gas after my rental?

We encourage all renters to fill the tank up before returning the boat. If you forget to do so or you don't return in time before the pump is closed, a $50 service charge will apply and will be deducted from your security deposit.

Q: I can't pick up the boat until a day after my reservation date. Will I be charged?

Your contract states you are renting the boat for a specified time. You will be liable for the time you agreed to rent the boat and we cannot issue a refund.

Q: Can I bring the boat back early?

Yes, you can bring back the boat at anytime during your contract but we cannot issue a refund for early termination of the contract.

Q: Who can drive the boat?

Only the person who has been named and signed on the contract may operate the boat. The person must be a competent operator with previous experience navigating waters. The renter must also complete a questionnaire that they have previous boating experience and are fit to do so.

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